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About Us

My name is Jacob and I am the proud owner of this website. As a music enthusiast and a lazy person who loves to sleep, I thought it would be nice if I build a site where I can share tips associated with two of my most favorite things in the whole world: music and sleeping. I have a music degree and as an artist, I fight with insomnia. But I discovered that music can help me improve my sleep So, I wanted to help you improve yours as well.

What is My Music Job?

I aim to create the best website that will provide high-quality content for music lovers who deal with insomnia. My Music Job represents a fresh website that aspires to gain people’s trust and become the greatest source for articles related to music and sleep.

How it all started?

Before we were a team, I was the only one wondering how to reach out to people. I was wondering what is the best way to share my knowledge and provide valuable information to people dealing with sleep issues, insomnia, and chronic pain. You may wonder why.

I have been experiencing sleeping issues, chronic back pain, and insomnia for a long time until I decided it is time to find a solution to my issues. I did research and I discovered not one but many ways that could help me with my chronic back pain and insomnia.

Once I cured my problems, I was inspired to help people who deal with the same issues. However, while searching the internet, I found out that there are little articles that can actually help people. Most of the stuff I found was a spin-off or rewritten articles.

I could clearly see that those articles were written by people who didn’t put much effort into creating content that will bring value to the people. Instead, they combined a few other low-quality articles and created their “unique” one. I didn’t like what I saw.

And I didn’t want to be like those people. That is why I gathered a team of writers and experts who share my mission and whose priority is to create valuable content. I was so happy to create this website because I finally felt like I was doing the right thing.

How to use our site and why is it different?

Music can become a powerful weapon in the hands of an experienced soldier who likes his sleep. And if you aspire to become one, we suggest you follow our site daily because we create valuable and useful content that will help you improve your sleep with music.

Improve your sleep with music

You can always find our latest articles on the front page. We honestly hope you will find them useful. Welcome to the family. We hope you get your well-deserved sleep tonight.